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Do It Yourself Guides!


This page was created for "Do-It-Yourself" installations.

These instructions are only intended for Alarmsellout customers and are being provided free of charge.  In no way does Alarmsellout or Triple S Customs take any responsibility in the integrity of these instructions.  Following these instructions may cause damage to your vehicle.  In other words, this is how car alarm/remote start units are installed, but use these instructions at your own risk.


Steps to Install a Car Alarm / Remote Start

   -Provided by Triple S Customs.


  1.  Basic Safety Points

  2.  Before Beginning The Installation

  3.  Glossary of Terms


  4.  Basic Understanding of Relays

  5.  Basic Understanding of Diodes (For Advanced Installers)

  6.  Basic Understanding of Resistors (For Advanced Installers)


  7.  Introduction to Alarms & Remote Start Systems (Identifying Parts)

  8.  Wiring & Making Wire Connections


  9.  Installation Sequence


10.  Installation From Start To Finish


11. Troubleshooting Tips


Provided by:  Triple S Customs