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Free Relay Diagrams


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Add Pager to Alarm



Alarm Trigger Inverter



Alternately Flashing Lights/Horn



Amp Remote Power Switch



Door Locks Negative Trigger



Door Locks Positive Switching



Door Locks Negative Switching



Door Locks Reversing Polarity



Door Locks Reversing Polarity Neg.Output



Engine Disable Systems






Ignition Bypass to Eliminate Noise



Ignition Kill Circuit



Cheap, but Dependable Car Alarm



Chirp to Blink Conversion



Parking Light Flasher



Parking Light Flasher for European Cars



Two-Way Flasher



Flasher / Horn Honk Circuit



Left to Right Flashing Lights



Fake Alarm Flashing LED



Horn Honk Alert for Cell Phones





Horn Alert w/ Buzzer



Fog Light Switch Systems



Raise Antenna for Alarm



Add a Paging System